GOAL Responds to Uganda Christian University

Help Uganda Christian University through GOAL to  lessen the impact of alcohol and other drug misuse and addiction in Uganda.  GOAL helped launch the Make Uganda Drug Free campaign in September, 2014. A GOAL team brought literature and posters and tapes to establish a Resource Center, initiated a college AOD policy, trained staff and peer counselors in a 40 hour certified addiction training course,  and modeled 12-step support groups. Funds are needed for follow-up and implementation.

The Elephant of Addiction

The Elephant of Addiction is in our midst, not just in Uganda. Every day in the United States, 114 people die as a result of drug overdose! Drug overdose is one of the leading causes of injury and death. Heroin and prescription drug addictions run rampant in our schools, churches and communities.  Addictions can happen to anyone, anywhere but together we can lessen its impact.
GOAL can equip you and those who are concerned.  Attend one of our  workshops to  prepare. Call us at 1-888-229-3045.

Our Mission

GOAL initiates and responds to invitations to train and equip church and local community leaders, confronts the disease of addiction, and cultivates the power of personal recovery so that 12-Step recovery becomes available to everyone, everywhere.
Explanation of the PROBLEM: Why GOAL exists
The heroin and prescription drug epidemic in the USA  now has reached epidemic proportions, although alcohol addiction still is the most prevalent  around the world.  Uganda has the highest per capita consumption of alcohol in Africa. 79% of households in Africa consume alcohol, most of it brewed or distilled illegally, five to seven times per week. 57% of women bear the responsibility for drinking spouses. In Kenya, according to a 2011 NACADA study, ADA (Alcohol and Drug Addiction) causes more deaths than HIV/AIDS and TB. 17.2% of respondents in a recent alcohol and drug abuse and HIV infection study in Nairobi (7/2012) reported that they drink alcohol and had been forced or forced someone to have sex while drunk. 15.7% of those didn't use condoms in non-consensual sex because they did not remember. 
Explanation of the SOLUTION: What GOAL can do
Although many AA and NA groups and corresponding family-member 12-step support groups  exist in the USA, they have been few and far between in African countries. However,  as a result of  GOAL's mission trainings, new groups now have been formed in Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, and Uganda.  There are also fifteen Narcotics Anonymous groups and over 61 meetings now registered in Egypt. GOAL is a provider for NAADAC certified continuing education trainings both in the USA and around the world,  
Explanation of the ACTION: What GOAL does
a. Sends books and literature around the world to assist in addiction training and raising awareness.
b. Holds conferences on addiction and its relationship to the spread of HIV/AIDS.
c. Facilitates  certified training workshops as a NAADAC provider  and coaches church leadership, providing information on the disease of addiction and on the 12-step program that alleviates this crippling disease.
d. Looks for more on-the-ground partnerships to confront the plague of  addiction and its concurrent disorders; HIV/AIDS, diabetes, liver diseases, hepatitis, chronic poverty, the break-up of family and societal life, unemployment, unwanted pregnancies, single parents, and abandoned children.
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